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Ashok Mishra is an all encompassing trainer, counsellor as well as motivational speaker. Helping many people from all strata of life to overcome and resolve their professional and personal problems, he has inspired them to lead a balanced and happy life. Filling the gap of a friend and guide in people's lives today, Ashok Mishra is an effective communicator with a practical approach towards life.

His own professional journey was also driven by a spark of inspiration. At a very early age of 17, when most of the people can hardly decode the course of life, he identified his inner calling of patriotism and courage. He joined Indian Air Force in 1991 and dedicated 20 years of his youth to his love for the motherland. Working in various departments from Operations, Administration, Foreign Language Interpretation, Teaching/Training, Counselling and Event Management, his exposure was immense.

Moving on, he entered the corporate world with the same discipline and zeal. His ability to learn and understand the gravity of the situation made him go places. Heading Administration, Human Resources (Recruitment/Training, Counselling) and Event Management, he became synonymous to trust and reliability.

Learning being a constant, he started acquiring skills for self development from the very beginning of his career. Sharing this knowledge through workshops on Public Speaking, Inter Personal Skills, Personality Development and Career Coaching, he simplified and delivered the most important learnings of his life in these sessions for other people to benefit from them.

An avid reader with a spiritual perspective about life, he promotes meditation and encourages people to work on their attitude, polish their skill and channelise their energy. He is working for the very foundation of the nation by taking up beneficial workshops across schools and colleges as well.

He is on a mission to share his experiences and make each individual capable enough of leading a graceful, peaceful, successful and contented life.

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